The company is in the business of broadcasting up-linking 5 free-to-air satellite channels viz., SHOPPING ZONE, SWARA SAGAR, RAKSHANA TV, ARCHANA, and MUSIC ZONE and selling Airtime to other broadcasters.

Coxswain Technologies Ltd

In the broadcasting business. the sky is the limit. Literally that translates to the hundreds of satellites up there in space, and for us on earth that simply means that there are hundreds of choices to choose from. Direct to Home service providers are mushrooming faster everyday vying to gain supremacy in every home. That's When the common man takes a step to choose only quality of content and captivating programming. The Indian TV audience has the knowhow and the money power to choose what they want on their TV screen. And the choice is an average family is varied and yet each member of the family wants precisely what satisfies their specific needs.

OUR Channels

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